Used to be the Wheaties box was the only place you could find an athlete's face in the breakfast aisle. Through the years, though, a lot more pros have gotten into the act. Michael Phelps has graced a Kelloggs cover. Who will ever forget Flutie Flakes from the Buffalo Bills great? And even Chad Ochocinco got into the act with Ochocinco O's. (Although probably best to forget about those since the box was mistakenly printed with the number for a phone sex line instead of the "Feed the Children" charity.)

The latest to throw his name behind a cereal is Justin Verlander. The Detroit Tigers pitcher recently announced the sale of Fastball Flakes, which are available in the Detroit area at all Meijer stores and online.

The frosted flakes come in a limited edition collector's box, so it'll be a tough call whether to dive into the sugary breakfast treat or put it on a shelf. Either way, fans should go out and buy the cereal because the sales will benefit two great charities.

"all my proceeds will go 2 @VAAnnArbor and @vadetroit. Appreciate the support!" Verlander tweeted on Tuesday.

For those not hip to Twitter, he's supporting the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center in Detroit and to the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System, which together serve almost 800,000 veterans in Michigan.

This isn't the first food that Verlander has ties to though. Last month, he went on Conan O'Brien's show and revealed the secret to his dominant pitching. His pre-game meal is always a run for the border.

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"The night before, as you can tell from my amazing physique, I eat Taco Bell," Verlander told the host.

Verlander gets the same thing every time: Three crunchy taco supremes with no tomato, a cheesy gordita cunch and a Mexican pizza, also without tomato.

So to recap, he's got his own sweetened breakfast cereal and he removes the only healthy item from his fast food dinners?

If I were the Detroit Tigers, I'd have the team nutritionist stop by his locker this spring.

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