LeBron James and Kevin Durant may have both scored 36 points in the NBA All-Star game, but they weren't the only ones feasting on Sunday night.

Everyone that flocked to Amway Center for the annual battle between East and West was treated to a show for their taste buds as well, courtesy of Chef John Nicely. He and his team developed the special menu over the past year in anticipation of the game coming to Orlando. That included special tastings with fans to make sure every item was a winner long before tip-off.

The result was one of the best lineups for any NBA arena all season. There was the classic beef tenderloin with miniature twist rolls, horseradish sauce, mustard and homemade potato salad. And the smoked turkey burger breast sandwich served on a brioche roll. But the best part of Chef Nicely's locally-sourced menu was the two seafood dishes: The coriander shrimp and Florida shrimp burger.

For the first dish, grilled jumbo shrimp are dusted with coriander then chilled and served with a pineapple-mango relish. The burgers are made with ground rock shrimp and plenty of aromatic veggies, herbs and spices. They're served on Cuban bread with lettuce, tomato and paprika aioli.

Nicely, though, chose a different item when asked his favorite from the All-Star game menu. He loves the meatball mania, a unique twist on a fan favorite. It's three different meatballs; traditional beef served with marinara, chicken with chile verde sauce, and Thai pork with ginger-soy barbecue.

Whatever fans decided to dive into while watching the action, no meal would be complete without dessert, and Chef Nicely brought out a Florida favorite from right down the road -- Key Lime Pie.

The only thing sweeter in Amway Center would be Dwight Howard staying.

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