Looking for a great place to watch the Packers game on Sunday?

You could go to any one of the thousands of sports bars, pizza joints and buffalo wing chains from Green Bay to Dubai, but only one restaurant can claim one of the team's stars -- Nelson's Landing.

You may have heard of Alan and Kim Nelson's middle son, Jordy. The Packers wide receiver got on the map last year, grabbing the first touchdown of Super Bowl XLV, and has cruised into the spotlight this season. He led the Packers with 68 receptions, 1,263 yards and 15 touchdowns.

But Jordy's roots are humble to be sure. Long before the Nelsons opened up their restaurant just off of U.S. Highway 24 in Leonardville, Kan., they made ends meet by farming. They raise Black Angus beef and grow everything from corn to alfalfa to wheat and beans.

"It was a lot of work, time-consuming, took a lot of discipline," the 26-year old Jordy says of helping out in the family business, "but I think it made me a better person in the long haul."

Jordy walked on at Kansas State, just 25 miles from where he grew up in Leonardville. He would walk off as one of the most decorated receivers in not just school, but conference history. As he waited to find out where he'd be playing in the NFL, Jordy pitched in at the family restaurant.

"I did everything. I was in the kitchen every once in a while," he says. "I was waiting on tables, working behind the bar a little bit, wherever we needed help."

Opened in 2007, Nelson's Landing serves up sandwiches, burgers, steak and brisket. They also have gameday favorites from boneless wings to loaded nachos. Anyone with an extra $5.59 and taste for adventure can even order up a plate of fried gizzards.

Jordy said it was a family decision to open the restaurant and offer something unique for their neighbors.

"We thought it would be worth it for the town, the community to really have a nice place to sit down and have dinner," he says, "or for the farmers to sneak in and have a quick lunch."

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Jordy and his wife, Emily, live in Green Bay, but they get back to the small town with a population of less than 500 every now and then. Before last season, Jordy even brought some of the other Packers wide receivers with him and they had quite an experience.

"We had a blast acting the fool. We did farming things," Greg Jennings told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "We got to see how they artificially inseminate cows. We actually did it. You've got to stick your hand in there. It was nice and warm."

Fear not, Packers fans. At Jordy Nelson's family restaurant, all you have to do is eat.

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