The NHL All-Star Game is a collection of the best players from all across the league.

Why shouldn't the food be the same?

That's what Keith Jones, executive chef at Scotiabank Place, wondered before putting together the incredible menu for this weekend. He reached out to the other ARAMARK chefs, who provide food and beverage service around the league, to help create a unique spread for the fans.

"It was the responsibility of each local culinary team to come up with a sandwich that reflected their own personal representation of their city," Jones says. "Local tastes, ingredients, and flare were considered when deciding on the signature sandwiches."

And since this is the first time the home of the Ottawa Senators will host the All-Star Game, Jones went all out for his offering. The Capital Beef Hoagie is comprised of roasted top sirloin with St. Albert's cheese curds and crispy fried onions on a crusty roll. No surprise, but it's the chef's favorite item available this weekend.

With all the international attention on Ottawa, it was important to Jones to showcase the best his staff and the country had to offer.

"Using items that are truly Canadian, such as Alberta beef, St. Albert cheese, Quebec artisan cheeses, wild mushrooms, and many more local items, we believe that we have represented our local ingredients very well," he says.

That doesn't mean that the other sandwiches on the All-Star menu aren't just as meticulously planned and mouth-wateringly delicious. There's something for everyone, from the Senators' faithful to the throngs of foreign visitors flooding the city. Joining the Capital Beef Hoagie are several other choices from around the NHL.

The Kielbasa Grinder
• Thin sliced kielbasa topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing served on an Italian roll

The District Brisket Slab Stacker
• Brown sugar rubbed beef brisket, slow roasted and topped with caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and smokey bbq sauce, served on a Kaiser roll

The Porchetta Sandwich
• Garlic salt rubbed pork belly around center cut pork loin with wilted greens, sharp provolone cheese on a seeded roll

The only problem is there are four delicious sandwiches and only three periods. The only sensible thing to do is root for overtime.

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