What do you call turning water into barleywine?

Tebrew, of course.

Bonfire Brewing in Eagle, Colo., came up with the tribute to the Broncos quarterback after Denver's latest comeback win.

Co-founder and Master of Minutiae, Andy Jessen and his team were watching Tim Tebow lead the fourth quarter charge last Sunday while they were sampling the as-of-then unnamed batch. Ken Hoeve, the company's Ale Ambassador and walking billboard, coined the name as the Broncos kicked a field goal to win the game in overtime.

"It was pretty much an instant hit," Jessen says. "We kicked it around for a few minutes after, but it resonated with us and the few customers that were in our bar."

It doesn't matter to them that Tim Tebow doesn't drink. The brewery is looking at the bigger picture.

"Beer is about community and camaraderie," says Jessen. "And beer and football go well together, we think."

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And you have to admit, Tebow did look a lot like a Bavarian monk after that hazing haircut last season.

The small brewery hopes to start serving the barleywine by the time Tebow and company take the field against the Patriots on Sunday. They're just awaiting the arrival of the proper glasses. Tebrew has roughly 10 percent ABV and needs to be served in a smaller vessel than most beers due to the high alcohol content.

Jessen describes the taste as very malty, but balanced out with the bitterness of a lot of hops. His company is even playing off Tebow's genuflection phenomenon. "Occasionally bringing you to a knee in appreciation" the website claims.

Bonfire produced just 150 gallons of the tribute brew, or roughly 10 kegs' worth. Unfortunately, it will only be available at their tap room. The rest of us will just have to pray for a larger batch next year. Jessen says there are no plans to bring it back right now because it's an expensive and time-consuming process to brew the barleywine, but anything can happen. Which seems to be the motto for this Broncos team and their fans as they hang on Tebow's every play.

"Anything can happen in the playoffs," says Jessen, who is a transplant to Colorado and became a Broncos fan by osmosis. "It' s about who's healthy and who has the momentum."

And maybe even who has the Tebrew.

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