If I were 76ers head coach Doug Collins, I would head down to the corner of 2nd & Federal to make sure Elton Brand isn't in line.

Nothing against Philly's 254-pound power forward, but with the NBA lockout at its end, the focus shifts from waiting to waistlines. That's thanks to Shawn Kemp, who famously showed up to training camp at 300 pounds after the 1999 NBA work stoppage. And if there's one place where a bored big man could pack on the lbs. in Philadelphia, it's the new foodie hotspot Federal Donuts.

But these aren't your average fried breakfast confections. The queue, which often stretches down the block, is for flavor combinations that Krispy and Dunkin can only dream of. How about a pomegranate, tehina and Nutella donut? Think of it as an upscale peanut butter and jelly, with a sesame twist. And although you can also get white chocolate/raspberry and lemon poppy, that's only half the story at Federal Donuts.

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Starting at noon, they serve homemade fried chicken. That's right: fried chicken. Some of the crispy options include a buttermilk ranch or harissa seasoning. But if the Tunisian chili blend isn't to your liking, you can
select a glazed version tossed in either chile/garlic or honey/ginger. They've taken the classic combination of chicken and waffles, popularized by such Los Angeles staples as Roscoe's, and tweaked it for the simplest of reasons.

"Because they are both delicious and you should have them together and to that end all of our fried chicken comes with a honey donut,” Partner Felicia D’Ambrosio told CBS Philly.

Let's hope all of the 76ers show up to training camp ready to go, but no one would blame any of them if they happened to indulge in the city's latest food craze. After all, it wouldn't be the first time a local favorite dragged down one of Philly's pros. Just ask Eagles
defensive end Brandon Graham

The good news for Doug Collins is that Federal Donuts has gotten so popular, it can't keep their doors open very long.

“Well we close when we run out," D'Ambrosio says, "so it is generally between 1:00 and 2:30 p.m. every day of the week.”

Just in case, I'd keep Sixers camp going until after 3.

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