Did you buy enough turkey to feed everyone? That's always a tough question at this time of year, but be thankful Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas isn't showing up at your place. On Tuesday, Thomas took on two male gastronomic athletes in the Wild Turkey 81 Eating World Championship near Times Square in New York City. She beat both of them, eating 5.25 pounds of turkey.

Considering a family of four eats about 1.25 pounds of chicken at an average dinner, it's fair to say Sonya ate enough turkey to feed up to a dozen people on Thursday. And unlike you and your family, she only had 10 minutes to do it.

"Turkey is not my favorite food," she confesses. "I like chicken better. And I hate dark meat."

The Black Widow also had to overcome what keeps most novice cooks pacing in front of their ovens all morning on Thursday.

"Turkey can be so dry," says Thomas. "You have to have hot water or tea to help get it down."

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And sadly, there was not a gravy boat in sight Tuesday morning. But Thomas, who's the No. 4 ranked eater in the world, came into the Major League Eating contest with a lot of momentum. She won the first-ever women's hot dog eating championship belt on July 4. Over Labor Day weekend, she dominated the Buffalo chicken wing competition, setting a new world record with 183 eaten in 12 minutes, and maybe even more impressively beating the top-ranked eater in the world, Joey Chestnut.

Now she's crushed two huge rivals -- literally. Eric "Badlands" Booker tips the scales at 400 pounds.

Nearly 45 million turkeys are expected to be consumed across the country during the holiday, but not everyone will have access to the traditional centerpiece of the meal. So Wild Turkey, the event sponsor, is donating 81 birds to a New York City metro food bank to help families on Thursday.

But there will be at least one person who skips the turkey that day.

"I'm going to have different food on Thanksgiving," Thomas says.

No one would blame her for skipping the bird on Christmas either.

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