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Athletes are known for spending their money in outrageously lavish ways, especially when it comes time to let loose and enjoy an evening out on the town. However, some athletes, or entire teams, for that matter, have taken the tradition to new heights.

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Slideshow: Eight outrageous athlete celebration receipts

You can be sure that each of these truly outrageous moments will stick with these athletes for years to come. Check out the list and let us know if we missed one of your favorite stories.

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Boston Bruins

Reigning Stanley Cup champions, the Boston Bruins, celebrated their victory by racking up a $156,679.74 at Shrine nightclub at Foxwoods Casino. The team reportedly started the evening's festivities with food and bowling and then moved to the bar, where the receipt's highlights included 136 Bud Lights and nine bottles of Grey Goose vodka (costing $600 a bottle).

Raheem Brock

The outrageous nature of the scandal surrounding the Seahawks defensive end is less about the tab itself, and more about the situation. The first reports claimed that Brock was arrested on June 17 for refusing to pay a $27 bill at Copacabana restaurant in Philadelphia. However, Brock explained the story to TMZ in more detail the following week, claiming that he and a friend placed their order at the restaurant, but then they went across the street to order a cheesesteak, which sounded more appealing to Brock's friend. The two allegedly returned to Copacabana, where they cancelled their order before heading out. When the cops arrived moments later, Brock reportedly offered to pay $40 for the $27 tab, but was subsequently arrested.

Dez Bryant

The Dallas Cowboys receiver reportedly paid a heavy price during a training camp hazing ritual for rookies. Bryant's teammates supposedly relied on him to foot the $54,894 dinner bill after a luxurious meal at Pappa Bros. Steakhouse in Dallas.

Lamar Odom

The story goes that happily married couple, Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian, met while attending a party hosted by Khloe for Ron Artest, who had recently been traded to the Lakers. Sparks reportedly flew between the lovebirds that evening, and Lamar picked up the $3,000 tab. Clearly Khloe was impressed.

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