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These are not products for fair-weather sports fans. If you're one of those people who saunter into a stadium a couple of times a year to enjoy the game with a brew and a hot dog, turn away now. These are products for sports nuts that bleed their team's signature colors -- you know the type.

For the kind of friend that lives and dies for their team, how about showing up to their next viewing party with a dozen mascot-emblazoned cupcakes? Maybe your friend is moving into a new place -- a team logo toaster is surely the perfect housewarming gift.

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Hanging onto a promotional foam finger from a football game is one thing; even collecting team shot glasses has become pretty run-of-the-mill. How about starting a collection of NCAA-branded Pez dispensers? Or getting an edible version of your team’s logo printed onto for the big game? These are the kinds of products that are sure to get the hearts of die-hard fans racing.

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And this is just a small taste of the items available for true enthusiasts. Those people who are more into grilling, for instance, can deck out their abodes with custom grills, branding irons, and even propane tank covers.

10 Food Items Only Sports Fans Would Love Slideshow


Team Logo Pizza Prints

Few things fit together better than pizza and sports (except maybe beer and sports). The manufacturers behind Pizza Prints have designed edible image decorations that melt right onto the surface of a hot pizza (think of it like savory sugar screening.) Pizza Prints come in a wide variety of logos for NBA, MLB and NASCAR franchises.


Team Logo Sandwich Presses

Along the same lines as the team logo toaster, this appliance is for seriously addicted sports fans. Now, every time you make a grilled cheese you can take a few extra moments to think about how much you love your team.


NCAA Football Pez Dispensers

Whether you're a fan of Florida State, Notre Dame or Texas A&M, popping back a packet of Pez candies from a novelty dispenserdecorated with your team's logo is sure to calm your game-time nerves while harkening nostalgic childhood memories.


MLB Cookie Tins

Besides the fact that they are filled with Mrs. Field's cookies in a variety of flavors, these tins are positively dripping with team spirit. Send your favorite baseball enthusiast a gift they'll always remember.


Team Branded Hot Sauces

Do you love the Texas Tech Red Raiders with a fiery devotion? These hot grilling sauces (available in Cajun, lime, and peach) will warm your taste buds and your heart. The trio of sauces is small enough to carry along to the games.

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