This is the search for burgers that take two hands to eat and ooze grease and melted cheese down your forearms like delicious lava. It's a quest for barbecued ribs that deliver just as much sauce to your mouth as they do your mustache. It's a hunt for wings so habanero-hot that you momentarily forget your name and where you parked.

Men's Health is looking for the Manliest Restaurant in America.

And they need your help, sports fans -- guys and gals alike. Why? Because sports and food is one of the manliest combinations on the planet. Whether it's a few potato skins while watching your favorite team or a full-blown tailgate party that would make Emeril Lagasse blush, sports and food are attached at the hip.

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The ultimate combination of sports and food may be the tailgate party, but
you can't always cook everything yourself. So Men's Health wants you to narrow down its list of the top 45 guy-friendly restaurants from all over the country. (Want to eat out, guilt-free? Then order one of these Surprisingly Healthy Restaurant Foods.)

Who will you vote for?

Father's Office in Los Angeles is so confident its burger is the best that they only serve one type, won't allow any substitutions and do not have ketchup anywhere on the premises.

Primanti Brothers knows it all ends up in the same place, so you'll get your fries in the middle of your sandwich at this Pittsburgh institution.

If that's not manly enough for you, how about a little fried pigskin? The Publican in Chicago is known for its spicy pork rinds and dozens of beers to wash them down with.

There are plenty more categories, from BBQ to seafood to chili to tacos. Log on to to throw in your two cents. Ladies too. As the saying goes, "Behind every good Manliest Restaurant in America contest is a good woman."

And guys, you don't have to smash your thumb with a hammer to be manly. Just vote. The nominees include ...

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    Ben's Chili Bowl, Washington

    The half smokes, chili, and décor haven’t changed one damn bit since the place opened back in 1958. They never needed to. A "half smoke" kicks sand in the face of your traditional wiener. It’s beefier, spicier, and a whole lot tastier than anything Hatfield every slapped its tag on. At Ben's, you order it like long-time patron Bill Cosby did: Topped with mustard, onions, and chili. On the side? More chili, straight up, or French fries topped with chili. The viscous, milk-chocolate-colored chili has a tinge of heat and goes best clobbered with cheese and chopped white onions.

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