Sauce or no sauce?

It's a discussion you hear all the time between barbecue lovers across North Carolina, Memphis, Kansas City and Texas. But you won't hear much argument for sauce when it comes to steak.

Unless you're Chris Webber.

The former NBA All-Star recently got into it with the staff at a high-end steakhouse over whether he should get to put the condiment on his cow. The restaurant informed Webber that they didn't carry steak sauce, nor would they whip any up for him. Webber handled the situation pretty well, electing to take it home and dress it up there.

"I put the steak in a nice to-go container, waited until my wife ate," Webber told ESPN Radio. "I took that steak home, put it on some bread, put a ton of steak sauce on it and I made a steak sandwich."

But the story didn't end there. Even the celeb gossipers at TMZ picked it up:

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Then Webber returned to Twitter to ask his fans who was out of line, him or the restaurant.

"TMZ says i'm a steak snob! What do you think? Sauce or No Sauce?" Webber tweeted on Wednesday.

Technically, the restaurant would be the steak snob in this scenario, but I digress. Since then, the Twitter-verse has been flooded with people choosing sides by adding #sauce or #nosauce to their posts.

Even the Mayor of St. Louis chimed in with his approval for the condiment.

Webber also built a poll on his website for fans to vote. As of the time of this story, "sauce" had the edge by a single vote. (Sounds like the debt ceiling crisis.)

It shouldn't be this close, though. We're not talking about a $9 steak from Sizzler. I'm sure many of you will disagree, like the time I told Gordon Hayward he needed to stop eating at Olive Garden. But don't order a dry-aged, $100 steak if you plan on dousing it in $2 A-1.

Webber is entitled to his opinion though, which he summed up with this tweet:

"Hamburger -- need ketchup Steaks need steak sauce I'm not European -- I love sauce Ok. I own a coffee shop I won't serve sugar or cream."

So the sauce or no sauce debate rages on. I guess we'll have to wait to get into the fact that he ordered his steak well-done.