By Molly Aronica

They're the coveted moments in sports highlights reels -- the truly outlandish moments caught on film that become viral videos, making sports fanatics double-over in hysterics. Whether it's a foul ball crushing a fan's expensive stadium meal, teammates celebrating with a pie to the face, or a cooler full of Gatorade, we've rounded up some of the most outrageous clips in sports history featuring food and drink.

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1. New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan gets even when he showers his players with Gatorade after a victory over the Miami Dolphins.

2. Boston Celtics forward Gerald Green's iconic slam dunk featuring a cupcake with a lit candle.

3. New York Yankees pitcher A.J. Burnett throws a pie in Mark Teixeira's face.

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Videos: More outrageous food moments in sports

4. A hungry fan catches a foul ball in a popcorn bucket.

5. One lucky fan catches a foul ball in one hand while holding a tray of food.

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