Could a cupcake really give a team a winning edge?

Sara Ross thinks so.

The owner of Kickass Cupcakes in Boston is all about supporting the local teams and even sends her confections into the locker rooms.

"We recently created a special cupcake for the Bruins called the Bear Claw inspired by a fan who won our 'Create a Bruins Cupcake Contest' we held on Facebook, and the first day we sent cupcakes over to the Garden was the day they won 8-1 in the Stanley Cup playoffs," Ross says.

After losing the first two games of the Stanley Cup Final to the Canucks, the Bruins fought back taking the series to a Game 7. Ross says she sent over the Bear Claw cupcakes twice more including the night they won the Stanley Cup.

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"Lucky cupcake maybe?" Ross asks. "We like to think so!"

Ross moved to Boston and started the bakery after the boom of boutique cupcake stores in Los Angeles. Her artisanal approach of small batches baked fresh daily was an instant hit. Coming up with the name was the easy part. The website explains: "That's what you say when you eat the cupcakes, 'damn, these cupcakes kickass!'"

They don't just cater to Bruins fans either. They've done promotions for the Patriots and Celtics as well. They also have a Green Monster cupcake for the Red Sox faithful.

"My favorite part of owning a cupcake bakery is coming up with new cupcake flavors," Ross says. "I thought the combination of Sam Adams Cream Stout and the Red Sox was a winner, and we decided to tint the frosting green in honor of the Green Monster."

Will they be enough to get the Red Sox to another World Series? That remains to be seen. But as superstitious as baseball players are, I'd keep sending those cupcakes to Fenway.