When Barry Bonds craves a burger, he doesn't just visit his local bar and grill. Instead he heads over to Petrossian in West Hollywood -- a Parisian caviar boutique and restaurant.

On his first visit to Petrossian, whose young new chef Giselle Wellman is the subject of some buzz in the LA food scene, Bonds asked whether the burger was any good.

The waiter made him an offer: If it wasn't to his liking, Bonds would get the $18 burger for free, but if he enjoyed it, he'd have to pay double. Bonds agreed, and the prime beef burger, slathered in 2-year aged cheddar, cippollini jam, bacon, chilies and arugula, passed muster with him. The restaurant didn't actually charge him double, but he paid up anyway and soon came back for a second helping.

So is Bonds a snooty foodie for eating his burgers at a caviar joint? Or is he down to earth for ordering a burger in a place with $390 caviar on the menu?