At first I thought I was being punked. But apparently the perfect after-workout recovery drink is … chocolate milk. (I can see the promo now: Go quick, then drink Quik!) Yes, it’s true.

Here’s how it works: The high carbohydrate and protein ratio make it an effective recovery drink. It’s rich enough to give your muscles something to metabolize. And chocolate milk is more effective than regular milk because you get the sugar needed to spike your insulin levels; without that sugar, your recovery will be slower. Soy products are not as valuable because milk-based proteins promote greater muscle-protein synthesis.

If you're like me, eating within 20 minutes of my workout isn't always appealing. Drinking chocolate milk is much easier than gnawing on a tasteless bar or forcing down a thick protein shake. I’d rather buy a Horizon milk box than a $5 power smoothie. And drinking water after a tough workout only replaces the sweat you lost.

But make sure you evaluate what type of workout you are doing before you jump on the chocolate milk wagon. This is a recovery drink for high-endurance activities like running, triathlons, swimming, etc. A walk around the neighborhood doesn't need a recovery drink.

And don’t even think about chocolate ice cream.