Earlier this year, Ryan McGuire lost one of his kindergarten classmates, Danny Nickerson, to pediatric cancer.

McGuire wanted to do something. The golf fanatic came up with an idea: play 100 holes in a single day as a fundraiser for cancer research.

As Golf.com reports, he started out with a goal of $2,500. But his campaign was popular, so he increased the target amount to $5,000.

And in the end, McGuire blew away even his lofty expectations -- he raised $40,000 through his campaign.

In a video published by the PGA Tour, McGuire discusses the experience.

"I was just thinking about that [Danny's] really proud of me," says McGuire in the video.

McGuire, who was taking part of the Golf Fights Cancer campaign, wound up the top overall earner. The money will be donated to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, where his friend was treated.

The rest of us can feel a little worse about our own life achievements, but we can take solace that people like Ryan McGuire are out there.

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