People are monsters. You paint lines to mark individual parking lanes, and you inevitably come across the pickup truck that decides it needs to take two for itself.

Other times, you build a bicycling lane to make alternative modes of transportation safer and more practical, and some jerk decides to park his compact car in the lane. Granted, this scenario doesn't come up all that often. But when it does happen, cyclists are inevitably enraged.

And, if you happen to be a human fortress of muscle commuting on your undersized two-wheeler, you aren't forced to sit by and allow yourself to be abused thus. You could choose to get off your bike, lift up the car, and forcibly remove it from your biking lane.

That's what this guy did.

This video, which was taken Brazil and appears likely to be from Rio, is complemented by the cheers of onlookers who are both thrilled at the physical display of strength and possibly very satisfied that justice is being served.

Rio has been investing into bike lanes for more than 20 years, primarily to solve an endless traffic problem that doesn't seem anywhere close to being solved, despite numerous efforts to improve the city's transportation grid.

The best part of the video comes at the end, when the man quietly -- he never acknowledges the crowd -- gets back on his bike and slowly, slowly pedals on, like a hero into the sunset.

But let this also serves as a PSA to people who think bike lanes are just some extra space to put stuff: Please don't.

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