Charles Barkley may be the worst golfer on TNT's popular "Inside the NBA" show, but Shaquille O'Neal is giving him a run for his money.

The Big Aristotle hit the links Wednesday at the Greenbrier Classic Pro-Am. He characterized his game as "awful," but still better than Barkley's.

For reference, here's a compilation video of Barkley's awful, broken swings:

It's hard to see how anyone could be worse than that, but at least Barkley manages to make contact with the ball. Shaq, on the other hand, struggled with that minor detail. The 7-foot-1 future Hall of Famer missed his first two shots from the tee before finally connecting on the third:

And, of course, making contact calls for a celebration:

Shaq's foursome for the day included Greenbrier owner and tournament chair Jim Justice, Justice's son, Jay, and PGA pro Keegan Bradley.

“He’s a great friend, and his heart is as big as his body,” Jim Justice said last week when O’Neal’s participation was announced. “He genuinely cares about people and loves to give back. We’re going to have a ball.”

If he didn't exactly perform well on the course, Shaq at least did his best to entertain and make the event a memorable one for the fans.

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