George Vlosich III won't hang in galleries next to Picasso or Monet, but his art is breathtaking nonetheless. For all the great works of Etch-A-Sketch art that have been produced over the years, this one -- of Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James -- might be the best.

In a time-lapse video that suggests the portrait took several days, Vlosich III shows the creation of this stunning portrait, which is so good it's hard to believe a human actually made it by turning tiny knobs on a children's toy.

Check out the video:

We should also give credit to the Etch-a-Sketch for being one of the best vintage toys ever made. It first came out in 1960, and we're still dropping our jaws over what's possible on its tiny gray surface.

According to Vlosich III's website, each piece of Etch-a-Sketch art takes between 70 and 80 hours to create. Once created, they are featured in galleries and sell for big prices -- sometimes more than $10,000, according to

So maybe he will hang next to Picasso, after all.

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