Everyone wants to catch a foul ball at the baseball game, especially a game at Boston's Fenway Park. Young children, unfortunately, are at a disadvantage, what with their short arms and diminutive height.

Sometimes, though, human kindness tips the scale in favor of those who don't stand much of a chance. When a foul ball sailed into the stands during the fourth inning on Wednesday night, a ball girl quickly scooped it up and tossed the ball into the crowd, where a teenage boy snagged the game memento.

Where most fans would eagerly pocket the ball for themselves, this teenager then walked back a few rows and delivered the ball to a young fan who was completely unaware of what was going on.

The boy's mom smiled graciously while the teenager tossed the ball over. The crowd surrounding them looked surprised, then pleased to see the act of generosity.

Slowly, the little boy grasped what he'd just been given, and he held up the ball in triumph. Score one for the good guys.

It's quite the contrast to what happened at an Astros game in 2011:

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