New York police officer Brian Moore died Monday after he was shot in the line of duty over the weekend. As the city mourns his loss, the New York Mets prepared their own tribute, which took place before Tuesday's game.

In addition to announcing that the team would hang a memorial banner up at Citi Field, Mets players replaced their team hats with NYPD baseball caps during batting practice.

Members of the NYPD were also in attendance at the game. The team held a brief remembrance ceremony and observed a moment of silence in memory of officer Moore.

The Mets have tried to cultivate a strong relationship and display of support for the NYPD in the past. The team donned first responder hats after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, and the team wore NYPD hats in 2011 on the 10-year anniversary of the attacks.

After two NYPD officers were slain in December, Mets third baseman David Wright -- whose father is a police officer -- called the families of both officers, and the team brought in the families of each team to throw the first pitches before the home opener this year.

The sons of one of the officers were also brought to Spring Training, where they served as bat boys.

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