Here's your good news for the day: Devon Still's daughter might be well on her way to beating cancer.

Leah Still, whose battle against pediatric cancer has become a national storyline, went in Tuesday for a special body scan that detects cancer connected to the nervous system. The news was overwhelmingly positive: Doctors didn't find any cancer.

Leah and her NFL football father were overjoyed. According to Still's Instagram page, there's only one thing to do when you get the best news of your life:

You flex.

Leah isn't completely out of the woods yet -- she'll have to undergo an MRI that will search for cancer in other parts of her body. But the lack of any cancer in the brain or nervous system, where the disease originated, is excellent news for the young girl and her father.

That second test will probably come soon, but in the meantime, Still and her father are choosing to celebrate this huge achievement.

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