Just last week, Leah Still was in the midst of an eight-day hospital stay to receive an advanced treatment for pediatric cancer. Still, who is battling a Stage IV neuroblastoma, started a second round of treatments late last month.

That wasn't enough to keep her away from New York Fashion Week, though, where she was invited to participate as a runway model. At the Nike Levi's Kids Fashion Show, she came on stage carrying a small guitar, looking stylish and holding her modeling pose all the way through.


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Still walked to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off," and her father was able to catch a snippet of her appearance.

My little supermodel

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Devon and Leah Still were easy to pair together. They wore similar outfits at the Fashion Week event. The Bengals defensive tackle said he is optimistic about the results of his daughter's current treatments, saying that there is still a lot of "disease" to be eradicated from her body.

She tries to match my style

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Meanwhile, the outpouring of support keeps on going for Leah. In addition to a children's book she wrote that comes out this month, sales of her father's jersey -- the proceeds of which are going to her medical expenses -- has recently surpassed $1.3 million.

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