While George W. Bush has kept a relatively low profile since leaving the Oval Office in 2009, one of his most noteworthy efforts has been assisting and honoring veterans.

The George Bush Institute created the Military Service Initiative, which "helps military support organizations achieve their missions more effectively by raising awareness and spotlighting best practices."

Part of that campaign involves emphasizing the role of sports in the rehabilitation process for wounded veterans. And among other efforts, Bush started a golf tournament for veterans wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan called the Warrior Open. On Monday and Tuesday, the 43rd president held the second annual Warrior Open, hosting 22 wounded veterans at at Las Colinas Country Club in Irving, Texas.

"You don't get to meet wounded veterans a whole lot throughout the real world," said retired Marine Corporal Michael Meyer. "So getting everybody together today and playing with them, it's really neat."

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U.S. Army Cpl. Chad Pfeifer won last year's tournament and is chasing the trophy again this year. Pfeifer, whose leg was amputated above the knee five-and-a-half years ago, says he has been playing golf constantly and it has been therapeutic.

"The competition for golf was good and to be able to hang out with President Bush -- it was great," Pfeifer said. "He's always thought about the troops and for him to continue to do that even when he's out of office is incredible."

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