There are plenty of reasons for golf fans to be excited about the 2016 Rio Olympics. Not only will it be the first time golf has been on the Olympic program since the 1904 St. Louis games, but many of the world's top golfers have said they will participate despite the tournament's timing in the middle of the busiest season of the year.

There is, however, one sticking point.

The golf course, designed by American architect Gill Hanse and former player Amy Alcott, is the center of a messy legal dispute. Two developers are fighting for control of the land (seen in the accompanying photo), and the decision is in the hands of Brazil's Higher Court of Justice. It could take months or years before a final verdict.

Construction is set to begin on the course in October so that test events can be played in 2015, but a judge could order a halt on construction if the legal dispute is not settled. The city has said it has no Plan B if the initial land is rejected.

The golf course in Rio could become one of the 2016 Games' enduring legacies. The city plans to convert it to a public course after the Olympics, and its presence could do wonders for participation in the sport in Rio.

Still, as of now the dispute remains perhaps the "biggest headache for organizers."

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