It's fitting that while the Olympics are in England, former golfer-turned-broadcaster David Feherty has invented the modern version of shooting an apple off a person's head.

Feherty, as part of the second season finale of his Golf Channel talk show, Feherty, welcome two-time major champion John Daly on as a guest. In a sneak preview for the finale (airing Monday at 10 p.m. ET), Golf Channel posted the following video of Daly attempting to drive a ball off Feherty's face. Feherty holds on to the tee with his mouth, as Daly tells him, "Keep your eyes closed."

Although Feherty's crew advises he not go through with the stunt, he denies their request. Luckily for the Golf Channel's insurance, Feherty's family and Daly’s criminal record, Daly hits the ball square on. Feherty's face remains intact and his show lives on another day.

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