It's rare that one person's success can be attributed to that individual alone. Among professional athletes in particular, it's common to have a team of assistants and professionals handling business arrangements, tending to daily errands, and even assisting in routine day-to-day chores.

Tom Brady has found all of those services in a single man: Ben Rawitz, an assistant for the quarterback that has become one of his close friends and closest confidantes.

Tom Brady

According to a feature by Hilary Sargent on, Rawitz was a young employee for the New England Patriots whom Brady eventually scooped up as his own assistant and manager.

Rawitz's responsibilities spanned the gamut of Brady's needs. According to The Boston Globe:

"In those early years on the job, Rawitz researched the perfect baby crib, planned children's birthday parties, walked the family's dog, and bought groceries. A day that began with a meeting about an endorsement deal might well end by giving Brady's children a bath."

Over time, however, the relationship between Rawitz and Brady has grown even closer. The two are close friends, and Rawitz is an advisor in almost everything Brady does.

When someone needs a question answered by Brady, Rawitz is the one to give it -- that's part of his job, to be an extension of the quarterback.

And, while it initially intimidated the 33-year-old who majored in communications, Rawitz is now capable of performing that role. The Globe points out that when Under Armour needs to discuss its endorsement deal with Brady, it calls Rawitz.

When Brady wants an $8,500 swimming pool cover, Rawitz is the one to shop around for it -- and to tell the Patriots legend that no white cover exists.

"When I want to get things done off the field, I go to Ben," Brady tells the Globe. "Practically all of my decisions, he's consulted on. He's someone I always rely on for his judgment."

Rawitz is happy to do that -- in fact, he's willing to do anything for Brady. As much as he loves his job, Rawitz also understands how lucky he is to be Tom Brady's right-hand man.

That means he's always on-call, always willing to work, and always logging the hours to make sure everything gets done.

"Ben would always say to me: 'There's a thousand guys lined up behind me who would take this job,'" said Rawitz’s father to the Globe. "And he's right."

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