Matthew Moyer

Matthew Moyer is a talented kid. On the basketball court, he's blossomed into a highly sought small-forward and earned himself a scholarship to Syracuse next fall.

He's also a talented musician. At his high school, Moyer is the first-chair violinist in the orchestra. As he shows off for Bleacher Report, his violin talents can go toe-to-toe with his hoops game.

According to a feature from, Moyer is truly a well-rounded athlete. He attends Bible study regularly and has plans to become a non-invasive cardiologist.

Moyer promised his parents he would continue to play violin throughout high school, but he plans to drop the instrument once he goes to Syracuse, diverting his focus to his basketball commitments.

Still, the violin thing does earn him a little teasing from teammates.

"He's a Renaissance man," said his high school basketball coach. "The guys get on him about playing the strings a little bit."

Quips Moyer: "I guess there aren't many black basketball players that play the violin."

And even fewer with the luxury of rosining their bow with a basketball scholarship in their back pocket.

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