Last time we saw Manny Pacquiao, he just lost to Floyd Mayweather while revealing after the fight that he was dealing with a torn rotator cuff. Surgery was projected to leave Pacquiao out of the ring for a year.

On Tuesday, according to Pacquiao, that recovery took significantly less time ... and it didn't even require surgery.

"I'm fine," Pacquiao told Joaquin M. Henson of The Philippine Star. "It's God's work. I never saw a doctor. I never did rehab. All I did was to swim in the sea as often as I could. The salt water healed my wound."

Pacquiao is known for using his Christian faith to guide him through tough times. That said, recovery from a torn rotator cuff in a little more than three months is highly unlikely, divine intervention notwithstanding.

Pacquiao made those comments while in Tokyo, lobbying for the Philippines to earn the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup bid, when he made the comments about his recovery. On August 7, China was selected over Pacquiao's homeland.

Eric Pineda, Pacquiao's business partner, was in Tokyo with Pac-Man and supported his client's claim: "Manny has strong faith," he said. "God did it. And all that swimming in the sea helped. Now, there's talk of his comeback fight."

In my country, everyone is passionate about Basketball. There is no better country to host it, than us. @fiba #PUSO2019

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Regardless of God's alleged role in all of this, the big takeaway is that Pacquiao now claims to be 100 percent healthy. Let the speculation of a Mayweather rematch take flight.

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