Louisville slipped up, and now it's at the mercy of the NCAA Committee on Infractions.

The error, however, is almost comically small. In mid-April, six Cardinals players decided to go play laser tag at a local facility. According to a report from Sporting News, the basketball program gave them money to cover the $7 admission.

That's a Level III NCAA violation, per the archaic rules college basketball is governed by. As a result, all players were required to scrape together seven of their own dollars, and to donate those funds to charity.

A second NCAA violation was earned through an even more obscure means. Two Louisville basketball recruits accompanied the six roster members and had their admissions paid for but the host students whom they were staying with on their recruiting trip.

That's a perfectly legal use of funds -- except those host students were supposed to report the expense to the school, and they didn't. Since that expenditure wasn't properly on the books, the program is in trouble yet again.

Once again, we're talking about $56 improperly distributed among eight college basketball players, all in the name of some good clean laser-tag fun. Stories like this really underscore how inane the NCAA's rules can be.

Meanwhile, how much time, money and resources have been spent by Louisville and the NCAA to rectify this $56 scandal? Seems like the marker of a poorly run organization.

But we already knew that.

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