Jen Welter made history this week by becoming the first female member of an NFL coaching staff.

During her rounds of interviews with the team, Welter revealed that her own experience playing professional football earned her paycheck not quite up to NFL standards.

Her salary for a 12-game season? A whopping twelve dollars -- one per game.

In fact, Welter still has the paycheck from her first season with the Dallas Diamonds in 2004, playing in the Women's Football Alliance.

"It was a dollar a game, but that's technically what made us pro," Welter told

Welter played 14 seasons in the WFA, winning four titles along the way. She also joined Team USA and won the gold medal twice at the International Federation of American Football's Women's World Championship.

"She is battle-tested and does have knowledge of the game," said Dawn Berndt, owner of the Dallas Diamonds and manager of Team USA, to ESPN. "Hopefully a lot of her athletes will give her an opportunity to show what she knows before they judge her on her size. She's a tiny package. But she's a tiny package with amazing heart and knowledge.

"Given the opportunity, she's going to excel."

Welter will join former NFL linebackers Bob Sanders and Larry Foote as coaching interns at Cardinals training camp. She may not have the money those two enjoy, but she's got the pedigree -- and a bright future.

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