A.J. Francis isn't depending solely on the NFL. He's entering his third year with the Miami Dolphins and is earning a base salary of $510,000, but the defensive tackle knows that all of those riches can disappear in a flash.

Meanwhile, paychecks don't start flowing in until July. That leaves players with a few months where they have to make ends meet on their own.

And since he's got some extra free time on his hands, Francis elected to earn a little spare change on the side.

Now, he drives an Uber and makes $40 to $50 per trip. And that's not all: He's turned his second job into an online reality series where he records conversations with passengers and posts the best ones online.

Here's the promo video for Francis' show, which includes some NSFW language:

"I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket," Francis told ESPN after an offseason practice earlier this week. "Where I'm from, when you have a job, where are you when that job is over?"

Uber has proven to be a perfect fit for Francis, who enjoys driving, has a strong work ethic and loves to talk. By driving people around and engaging in thoughtful conversation, he's able to check off all three boxes.

Francis' friends and family compliment him for his "hustle," and his awareness that the NFL dream isn't one that will last forever. And he points out that he's a great choice for an Uber driver: he's never received a ticket.

Because Francis is a backup player, most fans aren't likely to recognize him. He says nobody's entered the car and recognized him as a Dolphins player yet.

"People just think I'm some big dude in a nice car," he said. "I tell them at the end of the interview who I am, and the shock on their face is really funny."

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