J.J. Watt knows how to connect with an audience. His first words in his interview with Azteca Deportes after the Pro Bowl on Sunday were: "Yo me gusto burritos." ... I like burritos.

Watt was named the Pro Bowl's defensive MVP so no surprise that he also said, "Me gusta el juego." ... I liked the game very much.

Here's the rest of Watt's Spanish responses:

  • Yo necesito comida ... I need food.
  • Yo necesito beber agua ... I need to drink water.
  • Yo necesito (ir) al aeropuerto ... I need to go to the airport. (The interviewer asked if Watt would like to fly to Cancun.)
  • Puedo ir al baño por favor? ... Can I go to the bathroom please?

Having a second language is fitting since Watt has made a career of being versatile. He is a former hockey player and this season he started showing some of his old tight end skills from college with three touchdown catches.

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