Adrian Dantley, the former first-round pick and 15-year NBA veteran -- a six-time NBA All-Star and member of the Basketball Hall of Fame -- turned up in an odd place this week.

He's reffing junior varsity basketball games.

Dantley was working the hardwood at Maryland's DeMatha Catholic High School, where he graduated, as reported by Deadspin's Dave McKenna. For his efforts, the NBA great who ranks ahead of Larry Bird and David Robinson on the all-time scoring list earns a cool $35 per game.

It's understandable if you've arrived at this story expecting to here another rendition of once-rich sports stars reduced to making ends meet on a meager hourly wage.

Good news: This is not that story. Dantley was well-known as a player for being a frugal spender and managing his money wisely. He also spend eight years as an NBA assistant with the Denver Nuggets.

More recently, Dantley was found working as a school crossing guard. His odd jobs in recent years have nothing to do with finances, though. The man is simply just trying to stay busy.

"I'll be 60 years old in six weeks," Dantley tells Deadspin. "Being a crossing guard and a ref gets me out of the house. Everybody was surprised to see me [refereeing] last night, but I’m not a person who’s going to sit around the house."

A perfectly reasonable explanation, in the end. Dantley hasn't hit hard times; he just doesn't want to sit around bored. Good on him.

And, for what it's worth, DeMatha also took time to honor Dantley at halftime.

This ball will be given to HOFer and @DeMathaHoops Alum Adrian Dantley tonight before our game.

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