Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo has his own weekly radio show, and most of the time the show focuses on basketball.

But just like any man with an hour of air time at his disposal, Izzo isn't afraid to get a little self-indulgent at times. In addition to being a great basketball coach, Izzo is also a skilled accordion player.

In the spirit of the season, Izzo whipped out his accordion on the radio, and brought in his players to sing "Jingle Bells" as he played. The result is beautiful.

More accordion magic:

It's stuff like this that makes it easy to see why Izzo is such an effective recruiter and coach. Players love him, and he works hard at building relationships and connecting with his teams.

We're all just lucky that we get a taste of the experience ourselves.

No word yet on when Izzo's album will drop.

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