Matt Stainbrook is a fifth-year senior, the second-leading scorer for the Xavier basketball team, and a 6-foot-10 oddity that draws attention wherever he goes.

And, when he's not playing Xavier basketball or pursuing his MBA, Stainbrook spends his time as a driver for Uber.

In a video from ESPN, Stainbrook talks about his weird second life as a driver-for-hire in his 2004 Buick Rendezvous.

It's a nice job because it allows Stainbrook to work odd hours around his busy schedule. Uber provides a weekly paycheck along with the ability to meet strangers and chat them up.

Although Stainbrook doesn't care if they aren't interested in talking back.

"I feel people out," he told ESPN. "I'll ask a couple of questions and I can usually get the vibe. ... I can read people and if they're not really wanting to talk or they really want to have a conversation."

Stainbrook's income is useful because he chose to have his full scholarship given to his brother, who was a walk-on at Xavier. The undergraduate tuition is much higher than the graduate rate -- roughly $40,000 per year compared to just $14,000 for Stainbrook and his MBA studies.

The center decided he could save his family a huge chunk of change by giving away his scholarship, and his Uber earnings help further.

According to Stainbrook, some passengers recognize him, while others don't. Some simply marvel at his size, while others try to sneakily take photos of him.

It's all good to Stainbrook, who enjoys the experience of being an Uber driver. Even if sometimes it means giving rides to people just after they've been fired. He remembers one woman in particular who got into his car with a box of her belongings.

Said Stainbrook: "It was silence for the whole ride."

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