Bernard Pollard may not be done in the NFL, but he's already got his mind on a post-retirement career.

The Tennessee Titans safety has invented and patented a new product designed to alleviate clutter in the bathroom. The tray, called Style Pro 31, fits neatly on top of the bathroom sink.

"It is truly a blessing to see this come to fruition," Pollard told the Tennessean. "Patients at hospitals, people in hotels and apartments, students in dorms, people on cruise ships who need more space around the sink. ... I just want this product to assist people and I think it can."

Pollard says he got the idea several years ago when he heard women complaining about lack of space in the bathroom. An avid fan of "Shark Tank," the entrepreneurship show featuring Mark Cuban, Pollard drew up sketches until he was satisfied. The end result of his hard work is available on for $39.99 (Pollard's jersey number is 31).

Even though he bought a Style Pro 31 for his fiancee, Titans safety Michael Griffin couldn't help but tease Pollard about the idea.

"You hear Bernard talk and he can sound barbaric, like a gladiator, in interviews," Griffin joked. "And you see how he plays on the field. For someone to come off as such a tough guy, to come up with a product for women. But, hey, I applaud him for thinking outside the box and going for it. It's actually a great idea."

Pollard, a sociology major at Purdue, won a Super Bowl with the Ravens in 2013. Last season he led the Titans in tackles.

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