After winning the Super Bowl, some of the Seahawks' players have gone about fulfilling their other dreams.

Russell Wilson went to Spring Training with the Texas Rangers. Marshawn Lynch got a jersey made out of Skittles. And now Michael Robinson is appearing on his favorite soap opera, "The Young and the Restless."

The 31-year-old fullback told “NFL Total Access” during the playoffs that watching the soap opera was his guilty pleasure, and as soon as the show's producers heard that, they invited Robinson to make a cameo on the popular program. Robinson taped the bit a few weeks ago and it aired on Thursday. He got to film a scene with one of the show's longtime stars, Eric Braeden.

Robinson said before the taping, he and Braeden became fast friends.

“We actually sat and chatted for about two hours before the scene," Robinson told the SoapOperaNetwork, "And we just talked football, talked working out, talked about how excited he is about what happened in the Super Bowl. He was very much intrigued about how we work and how we go about the business… and what it takes to play this game."

As for how the former Penn State quarterback became hooked on the show, well, that's a rather interesting story.

“When my mom and dad were getting divorced and I was a young guy, about five or six years old, I remember going to my babysitter’s house,” Robinson said in an interview on the NFL Network. “In Richmond, Virginia, Y&R came on after Divorce Court. I remember watching Divorce Court expecting to see my mom and dad. I didn’t get a chance to see them so I just sat around and watched Young and the Restless.”

To hear more about Robinson's experience, check out this interview he did with some of the cast members.

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