For Chicago White Sox slugger Adam Dunn, Sunday's Academy Awards were just the first of his red carpet experiences this week.

After Dunn, who invested in the film Dallas Buyers Club and had a small cameo, returned to Spring Training from his trip to the Oscars, he found his locker had been decked out with a red carpet and Oscar statuettes.

Dunn, a 14-year veteran, was initially unsure of whether he wanted to attend the Oscars because it would mean missing two days of Spring Training. But upon returning to Glendale, Ariz., after Dallas Buyers Club won three Academy Awards, Dunn said the trip was worth it.

"It’s kind of like anything else, when it's over you don't feel as bad,” Dunn told the Chicago Tribune. “When you come back, it never feels as bad as when you have to leave. Obviously, everybody here has made it really easy, and it was just fine. It was a cool experience, and now it’s over until next year.”

Dunn was back in the White Sox lineup as Chicago's designated hitter for Tuesday's game against the Cleveland Indians.