Shawn Izadi may have been the only Division I college student in the country to be on the sidelines for his team's football games and on the field during halftime.

Izadi played linebacker this year for Texas while also participating in the marching band. While he didn't register any stats in 2013, simply taking part in both activities is extremely impressive.

As Larry Brown Sports writes, Izadi's story started to trend nationally after he did a Reddit AMA this week about his experience.

When asked how hard it was for him to participate in both activities while also completing a pre-med major, Izadi gave this response:

"At the beginning, it was EXTREMELY difficult. I really had no idea what kind of beast I was dealing with. Football, alone, is easily a full time job when you take into account workouts, meetings, practice and game day. That, along with school and band became a full 17 hr+ workday. But I quickly came to understand that time efficiency had to be key to succeed. I started studying while eating and walking to class and forcing myself to complete some important task during even the shortest breaks.

As difficult as it was, I don't think I have learned as much about time efficiency as I have during this time of my life!"

Izadi played football for his first two years of high school before leaving the sport to serve as a drum major. When he transferred to Texas as a sophomore he tried out for the team several times without making it. Finally he was granted a spot on the practice squad and he didn't disappoint.

Izadi's story has been chronicled by the Longhorn Network:

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