As frustrated as Kobe Bryant is that he's been sidelined by injuries for the majority of this season, at least the Lakers' superstar is making the most of his predicament.

For the second time in a week, the Black Mamba sat in on a business class at a university in the city where the Lakers were playing. Last week Bryant attended an international marketing class at Boston College, sitting in the class for two hours and even taking notes.

Then on Wednesday, with his team in Miami to play the Heat, Bryant dropped in on a class at the University of Miami's business school.

Bryant never attended college, but he's always been known for his intelligence and business acumen. He reportedly got an 1,100 on his SATs and could have gotten a full ride to any college had he not entered the 1996 NBA draft.

Bryant has established a strong social media presence and remains the most popular NBA player in many countries around the world, specifically China. The combination of his enormous salary ($30.5 million) and his copious endorsements ($34 million) have made him the highest-earning NBA star.

After class Wednesday, Bryant attended the Duke-Miami basketball game, where he was joined by the city's own NBA star.

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