Torrey Smith has gone from catching touchdowns to pushing papers, all in the span of a few weeks.

But don't worry, Baltimore fans. Smith isn't preparing to jettison the Ravens, with whom he won the Super Bowl last month.

No, Smith is simply interning for U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings in his Baltimore office. Smith has been working in Cummings' office for the month of March, and his tasks are anything but glamorous.

"I was handling files, reading letters, relaying them, typing up what sponsors say, printing stuff," Smith told the Ravens' website. "I was the office guy."

Not long after he helped the Ravens win the second Super Bowl in franchise history, Smith asked Baltimore Director of Player Development Harry Swayne to connect him with a month-long internship. Swayne hooked Smith up with Cummings' office, and Smith says he's had a great experience.

"I learned that there are really politicians that do a lot for their community – [Cummings] being one of them,” Smith said. "You can literally call your congressman and any issue you have, they can basically point you in the right direction if they can’t help you. I never really knew that."

It's unclear how much Smith makes. If he's getting paid at all, it's probably nowhere near the $530,000 that the Ravens paid him in 2012. But Smith says income isn't the point. He knew the offseason would be slow, so he wanted to find something productive to fill his time, and this seems like the perfect opportunity.

Smith isn't the only NFLer who has actually gone back to work during the offseason. Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline is putting in hours at a drive-thru convenience store while St. Louis Rams running back Terrance Ganaway is a sandwich artist at Jimmy John's.