No one had more fun watching the Australian Open than this golden retriever puppy named George.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by a user named Bearaids, the young dog adorably jumps around in excitement during the points of what appears to be the women's final between Li Na and Dominika Cibulkova.

As you'll notice, George appears to settle down between points, but when the camera goes to the wide angle of the court, he immediately starts jumping around. Perhaps his excitement has something to do with watching the ball fly around the court.

This got us thinking -- if dogs could be trained well enough, they'd make pretty good ball boys at tennis tournaments.

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No matter how stressful Lovie Smith's first year is in Tampa Bay, and judging by the Buccaneers' recent struggles it might be pretty tough, the 55-year-old head coach can sleep easy knowing he won't have to defend his family from vicious animals at night.

In a recent interview, the former Bears and new Bucs coach discussed a "vacation" he took with his family to Costa Rica. After getting fired by Chicago, where he had spent eight years and took the Bears to a Super Bowl, Smith wanted to get away. So he took his family to a remote village in Costa Rica. And we'll let him take it from there:

"First couple of days we were there, we heard some little small, white-faced monkeys. About Day 6, we heard the howling monkeys. Day 8, we had the back door open, and they come in. A few days before, you think you're ready to take on anything to protect your wife, my son (Mikale) said 'Dad, a monkey is four times stronger than a man, so be careful.' So about that time, I kept a machete in the back just in case. You're out in the rain forest and I had my wife there. About Day 9, I had barbecued a little bit earlier in the day. I look up, and there are two big male monkeys standing up on the table with their teeth showing. I thought 'OK, this is not going to end well.'"

"Anyway, I got a broom. I didn't have to really kill one of the monkeys. I pushed him out of the house and we packed up that day and got out. That's a true story. I had the machete. I was ready. Have you ever heard a howling monkey? No one here, I guess you've been in Tampa most of your life. They're kind of a terrifying sound. I didn't have to kill any monkeys and we were able to get out of there. We left on Day 9 of a 50-day stay. Mary Anne said 'OK, let's go somewhere else, we've got a little bit of time.' I said 'Hey. We're going to Tampa.' We're down on the beach down here, spent a little bit of our time down here."

"As it turned out, I thought it was going to end a little bit differently than it did, to say the least. We got out of it alive."

Sounds like a nightmare for many and a dream trip for Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy.

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If your fantasy football team underperformed this year, fear not. The Puppy Bowl is here to help.

The annual Super Bowl halftime show featuring a group of adorable young dogs is adding some neat features to this year's game, including a fantasy football component. According to Entertainment Weekly, later this month the Animal Planet, the network that televises the Puppy Bowl, will launch a fantasy draft where fans can see profiles of 11 of the 66 competitors and compile an all-star team. Interested parties can find the draft at

To read up on some of the game's competitors, see here.

In addition to this new fantasy element, Puppy Bowl X will also have interactive MVP voting and feature several "celebrity" cameos from cats that have gained enormous internet followings.

Thanks in part to the brief power blackout at last year's Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl drew a record 12.4 million viewers.

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Dedicated readers of this blog might remember the classically cute confrontation of a kitten and rabbit sparring against each other. Now here is another installment of Mixed Animal Martial Arts. In this case, it is feline vs. canine, and kitty gets the upper paw by clamping on the sleeper hold. (Does the dog attempt to tap out or is it just flailing?)

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Just when you think Jose Canseco can't get any weirder, he gets pulled over while driving with two diaper-wearing goats in the back seat of his car.

Canseco, the disgraced former MLB slugger, has become known for his weird stunts. But a recent occurrence wasn't planned, at least we hope not.

Earlier this week Canseco was tweeting about how he and his girlfriend, the model Leila Knight, were going to purchase some fainting goats for a documentary they're planning. Fainting goats are a rare breed of the animal who have a hereditary genetic disorder which causes them to faint frequently.

Once Canseco and Knight acquired the goats, they put diapers on the animals to keep them from making the car their personal restroom.

That made the situation even more ridiculous when a police car pulled over Canseco. It's unclear why Canseco got booked, but perhaps it had something to do with him hauling livestock in his trunk.

Canseco didn't seemed fazed by the stop, and he's back to his weird ways on Twitter:

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On many college campuses across the country, the mascot isn't a student dressed in a furry, overstuffed costume. It is the real deal from the animal kingdom. Boston College introduced a live bald eagle this year after a 47-year absence, a development that didn't thrill animal rights activists. LSU has a tiger. So does Memphis. HBO's "Real Sports" takes a closer look at this practice in an episode that premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT Tuesday. Here's a preview:

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It's hard to blame the Knicks if things have gotten a little stressful for Mike Woodson's club recently.

New York is attempting to keep pace in the brutal Eastern Conference without All-Star big man Tyson Chandler, who recently broke a bone in his leg, and so far the Knicks have stumbled out to a 3-4 start.

But not to worry, the Knicks have a traveling stress reliever. Knicks fans may have noticed a French Bulldog sitting behind the bench for certain games, and as it turns out the pooch may actually serve an important purpose.

Via Tina Cervasio, an MSG Network reporter:

Here's Polo at Wednesday's Knicks-Hawks game in Atlanta (via @cjzero):

Polo's exact duties are unclear, but it appears as though he may have some connection to the team. After all, dogs are not normally allowed in NBA arenas.

It's often thought that dogs can help relieve stress, so maybe Polo hangs around to help players take their minds off the game.

As it turns out, Polo has his own Facebook and Instagram page, where he chronicles his travels. Here are some of Polo's recent photos:

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)

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This feline fan isn't content to just watch the action between the Lions and Cowboys on TV. It makes a determined attempt to intercept the pass thrown by Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford.

So how long did it take for the "but if it had been Tony Romo throwing it ... " thought to pop into your head?

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Anyone who has followed Jay Cutler's career knows the grouchy Chicago Bears quarterback will never be described as "chatty."

So when Cutler recently told a lengthy story about a dog psychic, it's a cue that he was at least pleasantly surprised.

During his weekly appearance on Chicago's ESPN 1000, Cutler told hosts Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman about a fascinating experience his dogs had with someone claiming to read their minds. His wife, former reality show star Kristin Cavallari, took their two pooches to see a dog psychic, and while Cutler had his doubts about the merits of the woman, he came away stunned.

Via For The Win, here's the transcript of Cutler's tale:

"We have two dogs, a Yorkie and a — what’s the other one — a Malti-Poo. [...] Kristin, being from L.A., she’s sometimes into this psychic stuff. Her mom was talking about this dog psychic. [Laughs] You email pictures of your dogs to this lady. There was like a two-month wait, mind you, this wasn’t something you could just click on the Internet. Two-month wait. So we send off pictures of both dogs, through the email, and [the psychic] is like at so-and-so time — this was last week — I’m going to call. She wants the dogs in the room with one person. So I wasn’t in the room. Kristin was. [Laughs] So she calls up and they’re all in the room and she’s like, “I’m going to get the dog’s spirits to come forth and I’m going to talk to them.” So, we’ve been talking about moving and finding a different house in Chicago and Bardot, the Yorkie, asked the lady to ask Kristin, “I’ve been hearing about you guys whether you’re going to move houses and I really want to know what you guys are going do.” I’m serious, then she said, “tell Kristin that I worry about them driving because they both drive really fast,” which is true. I’m just saying."

But that's not all. The psychic also gleaned this piece of information. Again, via For The Win:

"We started cutting their food down the last couple weeks because the Yorkie, Kristin thinks she’s getting fat and stuff. So we started it cutting it down. Both dogs said, “we need more food, they’ve been cutting out food down and we need a little bit extra food.”

Cutler admitted the psychic had some "valid points," which is his way of saying he was impressed.

For reference, this is Bardot. Good luck reading her mind:

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Jeff Horton escaped from a bloodthirsty shark the only way he knew how -- by fighting back.

Horton, a former boxer, was sitting on his surfboard off Kauai's north shore when he noticed a 12-foot-long tiger shark swimming towards his board.

"I had my feet dangling, hanging below my surfboard, and I saw this thing coming up," Horton said. "And my instinct was 'whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,' and the thing comes right up. And I yanked my foot out right where it took the bite. Bit my board and missed my foot. And it flipped me and I rolled on top of it."

Horton says he started punching the shark and even threw a haymaker in its eye. After about eight punches, Horton says, the shark spit out his board and tossed him off its back. Horton quickly hopped on the board and caught the next wave back to shore.

"Somebody's watching over me," Horton said.

The next day Horton went surfing at another local beach.

(H/T to Deadspin)

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