Poor Fritz.

A golden retriever with rather slow reflexes, this dog has become an Internet sensation thanks to a humorous video uploaded by his owner. During the course of many weeks, Fritz's owner tossed all sorts of treats at the dog, and none of them landed in his mouth. A steak, a donut and even a hot dog all bounced off Fritz's body and fell astray.

Here's the video, which includes a nice use of slow-mo:

For those worrying that Fritz eats like an obese human, fear not. His owner had this to say in the video's comments section:

"I definitely don't let him eat all this. I intercept the food and he gets a little. Plus, he only gets a food tossed to him about once a week. The rest of the time he eats healthy dog food and exercises to maintain his manly physique."

As for bad eyesight, it seems that's out of the question too:

"It’s funny, he shows no other signs of bad eyesight. He’s much better with a tennis ball. I think he might get overly excited with the food and he commits too soon!"

Hopefully Fritz learns from his mistakes, otherwise it appears as though he'll be eating dog food and french fries for the rest of his life.

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This dog has quite the attention span by making repeated stops of the soccer ball with its front paws. Perhaps dressing for the part helps with enthusiasm.

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If you're a bulldog, this has been a less-than-thrilling week. Two of the sporting world's most prominent animal mascots faced some harrowing circumstances -- and one couldn't overcome the odds.

In New York City, Butler's mascot, Blue III, got a little too excited on the court during a break. He threw up on the hardwood due to what his handlers said what an overdose on excitement.

Fortunately, Blue III live-tweeted the experience for us.

Blue III was able to make a full return and enjoy the rest of the game:

The ending was not so happy at Fresno State, where its beloved bulldog mascot, Victor E. II, died unexpectedly from a bee sting that sent him into a severe anaphylactic shock.

Victor E. II would have turned 3 in April.

Shortly before his puking fit, Blue III tweeted out his condolences to Fresno State.

In a new video quickly going viral, some visitors to Washington state's Olympic Game Farm were caught off guard by the aggressive nature of a hungry buffalo. While driving through a contained area that featured bison and other animals, one car cross paths with an animal that wasn't afraid to stick its head in an open window and score some extra bread.

And the camera was rolling the whole time. As the video's owner, Caroline Walker Evans, explains to ThePostGame, visitors are allowed to buy a loaf of bread they can feed the animals while driving through.

In the case of the buffalo, cars are told not to stop because the animals can be aggressive. But with a long line of slow traffic in front of them, the car couldn't exactly escape the situation.

"There were actually quite a few people in front of us that had slowed down, and we were unable to go as fast as we probably should have been going," Evans says.

Evans said that she has visited the park in the past and never had an experience where an animal was so aggressive.

This time was different.

"Perhaps just the time of day we were there or the weather or maybe they were just especially hungry but they were a little scarier this go around," Evans says. "We never felt endangered at all, just probably had a bit of adrenaline rush from such a huge animal being so close."

Evans does admit that the experience was a little freaky, especially when the buffalo's tongue started stretching out for the bread. In the end, though, the animal got what it wanted, and everyone went home happy.

Expectations are high this year for Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Alex Cobb. It remains to be seen what the starting pitcher is able to accomplish on the mound, but as a citizen and well-known dog lover, Cobb is off to a great start.

Earlier this week, Cobb managed to rescue a lost dog that was running through traffic in Port Charlotte, Florida, close to the rental home he's using for the team's Spring Training. Cobb told the Tampa Bay Times that the dog was "very close to getting hit by a car" before he was able to chase it down.

The pitcher said it took about 20 minutes to get ahold of the dog, who was skittish and fled directly into traffic. Cobb said he backed off when the dog kept getting onto the roadway, hoping a more relaxed approach would keep him away from oncoming traffic.

"I went down some neighborhood streets and into some back yards," Cobb said. "You could tell he was a little scared, eventually he just kind of finally cowered down and let me pick him up."

The rescue, which Cobb planned on bringing in to the Human Society for an inspection, is a male weighing around 20 pounds. No collar was found, and the dog does not have any distinct features. He does, however, look very similar to Baxter, the fictional dog made famous in the Will Ferrell comedy "Anchorman."

Cobb has informed the local Humane Society of his find and is trying to spread the word in hopes of reaching the dog's owner. The Tampa Bay Rays are also encouraging anyone with information -- or the dog's owners -- to email the team at lostdog@raysbaseball.com.

In the meantime, the rescue was able to spend time playing with Cobb's own dog, an American bulldog named Axel. But the pitcher is hopeful that the dog he found on a busy highway can be returned home soon.

It's hard to say what was going through the bison's mind, but one thing is clear: It had a beef, and it wasn't going to back down.

In a crazy video from Yellowstone Park, tourists driving an SUV are brought to a stop as several bison block the roadway. This is a normal occurrence in Yellowstone, where bison are numerous and roam free.

But things take a strange turn when one of the bison quickly turns up the road. It's soon apparent that the bison has one thing on its mind: Teaching a faraway SUV a lesson.

Fortunately, that SUV driver had a camera running.

It's not entirely clear what prompted the fit of rage, but it's not all that strange for bison to get agitated, either. What is surprising is that the car was at a complete stop and pretty far away -- most of the 30-second video consists of the bison simply running full-speed up the road, closing in on its target.

According to a second video posted to YouTube, the damage caused by the bison totaled $2,787.82 -- "more than a dollar per pound of the 2,000 pound bison." Here's a video showing the aftermath:

Spring Training isn't always a relaxing trip to sunny paradise.

Just ask the Arizona Diamondbacks, Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox. The three clubs share the Camelback Ranch facility in Glendale, and recently they've been forced to accommodate some unwelcome guests.

A host of scorpions have been spotted at Camelback Ranch, and one even stung John Chapper, who is the Dodgers' director of media relations.

Thankfully, Chapper wasn't seriously injured.

A few more scorpions were captured on the White Sox side of the facility.

Newly acquired Chicago pitcher Jeff Samardzija, who recently purchased a home in the Phoenix area, isn't worried about the arachnids. But he did offer an unnerving word of advice to his teammates and anyone else in scorpion territory.

“They’re not big deal really,” Samardzija told ESPNChicago. “As long as they’re dead and on your floor, you can pick them up. But you always have to check your shoes is what it is. Every morning when you go to put on your shoes, shake them out to make sure there are no albino scorpions in there.”

If a member of one of these teams were to get bit by a scorpion it would certainly make for a bizarre story, but it may not even make the list of weirdest maladies suffered by a baseball player.

Even dogs in Canada love hockey.

Check out Elsa, the Labrador Retriever owned by Greg Cox in Guelph, Ontario. She is so eager for the family to play hockey on the backyard rink that she helps shovel the snow:

Hey, who needs a Zamboni when you've got a faithful, puck-loving dog like Elsa?

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One of the best parts about playing in the snow is inventing new games with your friends, and talking about how they ought to be in the Olympics or Winter X-Games. Fun stuff, but this hungry cat may have all of us beat when it comes to creativity:


Everyone loves playing in the snow, as long as you don't have to do any shoveling, and these red pandas at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden are no exception. Check out their enthusiasm:

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