Some diehard Nebraska fans gave their dog a unique shave for the Cornhuskers' game Saturday against South Dakota State.

As you can see in the photo below, this dog stepped out in support of Nebraska from head to toe, literally. The dog's head appears to resemble a helmet, with a red "N" on its ear. There's another Nebraska logo on its back as well as the logo for the Cornhuskers' famed "Blackshirts" defense. Its feet are adorned with bursts of red fur.

All in all, this is one interesting paint job.

As cool as this dog looks, is it even the best college football-themed pooch of the year? You be the judge.

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Things got a little weird during "Bark in the Park" at Turner Field.

While the day is normally meant for Braves fans to enjoy a ballgame with their pooches, a man and his dog got a little too close while sharing a snack. In the video below, the Braves fan and his pet split a hot dog "Lady and the Tramp" style.

Adorable or disgusting? You be the judge:

The only thing that could have made this video better? If this pooch was wearing a hot dog costume.

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The former Washington Redskins superfan group known as the Hogettes may be no more, but that doesn't mean all the hogs have left FedEx Field.

One Washington fan, Floyd Rich, brought a live pig to a tailgate outside the stadium before the team's season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football.

The hog, named Miss Charlotte, is 2 1/2 years old and weighs between 800 and 1,000 pounds. Rich told the Washington Post that he hopes Miss Charlotte can take on a special meaning for Redskins fans.

“We wanted to do something different,” Rich said. “It was something different and unique, and we wanted to promote it as a Redskins mascot, for the Hogs.”

Via @skinspez, here's a photo of Miss Charlotte and her owners:

And here's a close up:

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Sometimes, succeeding in sports is all about being in the right place at the right time.

A group of pickup soccer players in Argentina learned that lesson recently as they watched a dog scamper onto their field and actually score a goal.

As you'll see in the video below, a young man swings the ball past the goalie and (accidentally, we think and hope), hits the dog standing at the far post. The dog, of course, heads the ball home for a score

This text will be replaced

(H/T to The Big Lead)

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Mike Tyson, wearing brightly colored pants, appeared with Conan O'Brien on Wednesday night to talk about things like his first meeting with Justin Bieber, his recent issues with addiction (he's 20 days sober now, he said), The Hangover, fashion and how "creepy" he found Thailand to be.

But our favorite conversation came about his tiger:

Conan O'Brien: It's funny because ... you owned a tiger when you were in the movie and then I remembered in real life you own a tiger ...

Tyson: Yes, I've owned quite a few.

O'Brien: You've owned tigers ...

Tyson: Yes, I did.

O'Brien: OK, so you owned a tiger. Did the tiger ever hurt you in any way? Those are kind of dangerous ...

Tyson: Not intentionally ... On one occasion I went 'give me a kiss' and she put her head in and boom I had gold teeth back then and she knocked my teeth out because her head is like concrete.

O'Brien: You went to kiss your tiger and it knocked out your gold teeth? These are problems I've never had ...

O'Brien: Did you kiss your tiger often?

Tyson: I slept with my tiger. My tiger is my buddy.

Here's the full clip of the interview:

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Butler Blue II, the beloved mascot, died on Tuesday after succumbing to a battle with congenital heart failure. Blue II retired earlier this year. On the day Blue II passed away, the university posted an entry to his blog thanking everyone for their support. An excerpt below:

True to the prognosis I’ve recently been given, my health is now in serious decline. I sense the end is near as my heart rate is increasing in an effort to capture more precious oxygen. Frankly, it’s hard work and quite exhausting. I wish I felt better, but I’ve known for a while that my best days were behind me.

So while I still have a little stamina left, I thought I would pen one last blog post for Pops to post after I’m gone. I know it’s morbid and sad, but given my hospitalization and near death experience just a few weeks ago, I’m lucky to still be around to do this.

So with that, I say thank you. Over the last nine years, the Butler faithful have not only accepted me as their official mascot, but your pride in me has also made me America’s Dog. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no dog has lived such a charmed life.

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New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony has apparently found other uses for his incredible hand-eye coordination. Over the weekend, according to a video posted by his wife LaLa, he caught a fish without any sort of fishing pole or bait.

Congrats, Melo.

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