This week, in honor of National Dog Day (a day that's honored our favorite furry pals since 2004) ThePostGame brings to you our most notable moments with dogs in the past year.

1. A Dog That Doesn't Need Anyone's Help To Play Fetch (Read the whole post here )

2. Los Angeles Dodgers Prepare Special Surprise For Dog Of Rays' Pitcher (Read the story here)

3. A Bulldog Takes Some Power Wheels For A Spin (Read the whole story here )

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4. The Butler Bulldog Reveals His Secrets For Training For The Upcoming Season (Read the whole story here)

5. Oops! Dog Nearly Derails Tour de France Riders (Read the whole story here)

6. Deion Sanders Reunited With His German Shepard Read the whole story here)

This little dog has discovered a clever way to play fetch. Rather than relying on a human to throw the ball, the dog uses gravity. Just drop the ball in the stream, let nature do its work and take off in pursuit.

But the dog earns bonus points for actually wading into the water to retrieve the ball after it manages to slip past him from the spots where he usually snags it.

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Astro, the dog of Rays pitcher David Price, has become quite a celebrity.

The Rays held an Astro Bobblehead Day in April, and he has had his own Twitter account @Astro_DPsDog for more than two years.

When the Rays made their first visit to Dodger Stadium on Friday, the home team had a special gift waiting for Astro:

Now from a cynical perspective, you could accuse the Dodgers of trying to get a leg up on wooing Price when he becomes a free agent in three years. (Is it really tampering if you're just being sweet to a man's pet? Hard to prove motive.) But there is some history behind the gift basket. Last month, Price cracked on Twitter about the Dodgers trading Yasiel Puig to the Rays. The Dodgers played along with the joke:

No word on whether Astro made the trek to Chavez Ravine, but the Dodgers were prepared.

And in case you missed it, here was Price and Astro celebrating the bobblehead promotion:

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Chaz Schilens, the ex-New York Jets receiver who voiced his frustration with the circus-like atmosphere of Gang Green, left behind Mark Sanchez and Co. for a quieter atmosphere in Detroit.

So the (concrete) jungle is behind Schilens, figuratively and now quite literally.

Schilens showed up to Lions camp with a humongous tattoo on his back of what appears to be a tiger on the prowl in a jungle. Paula Pasche of the Oakland Press got a photo of the new body art, which apparently took 24 hours to complete.

This is ... interesting:

Say what you will about Schilens' massive new tat, but at least it's not Robert Sacre's ugly (and massive) tattoo.

And there might be a good reason behind it.

Schilens was a draft pick of the Detroit Tigers in 2003 when he was a senior outfielder at Highland High School in suburban Phoenix.

But Schilens started his college career at San Diego State playing both sports but ended up concentrating on football.

A seventh-round pick of the Raiders in 2008, Schilens spent four seasons in Oakland before joining the Jets in 2012. He had 28 receptions for 289 yards and two touchdowns last season. The Lions wanted a receiver that could give them another outside threat to go along with Calvin Johnson, and based on early reports from camp, Schilens could be the answer.

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Several weeks ago Darnell Dockett tweeted about his new tiger, Buddy, and how he would try to bring his pet to training camp.

As you can imagine, PETA was not too happy with the Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle's plan.

The animal rights organization issued a statement condemning Dockett, 32, and urging wildlife authorities to look into whether he actually brought Buddy with him across state lines. Because if Dockett purchased the 60-pound tiger in Florida and took him to Arizona without a permit, that would be illegal.

Dockett is very familiar with PETA, which went public with its disapproval of Dockett's decision to buy an alligator several years ago.

This time around, Dockett has been more tight-lipped about the whereabouts of Buddy.

"I cannot tell y'all everything about that as far as legal reasons," Dockett told reporters at Cardinals camp when asked about his tiger. "That company with the four-letter word? We’re going to keep them out of this. But yes, for everybody, I do have a tiger.”

Unfortunately it's too late, and the "company with the four-letter word" has gotten involved. PETA asked the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to investigate whether Dockett actually brought the tiger across state lines. It even appealed to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

"We're also asking Arizona's Game and Fish Department to get involved because state law requires a permit for possession of a tiger, and if Dockett took the tiger to training camp, he also violated a law that prohibits handling a wild animal in a manner that is dangerous to the public.

PETA not get involved? Hardly."

Dockett, clearly unhappy with PETA, sent out this tweet recently:

The figure of 29,000 that Dockett cites comes from a battle between PETA and another animals rights group called the No Kill Advocacy Center. The director for No Kill Advocacy wrote a column in the Huffington Post that was critical of PETA's euthanasia policy and he used a wide range of statistics including the 29,000 dogs and cats killed. But president and co-founder of PETA Ingrid Newkirk wrote a rebuttal, saying many other shelters often reject injured, sick or dying animals. Those are then brought to PETA, which then "bears the veterinary or euthanasia costs."

It's unclear whether Dockett brought the tiger with him across state lines. He had tweeted that he showed the animal to a security guard at Cardinals training camp, but later he sent out this photo, which suggests that he does not have Buddy with him in Arizona:

If Dockett is found to have violated wildlife laws, he could be facing the removal of Buddy and perhaps even jail time. Dockett was recently given two practices off at Cardinals camp for "personal reasons," but reports indicate that his absence is not related to the PETA embroglio.

This saga is just another bizarre storyline in Dockett's strange year. In January Dockett received some publicity for his outlandish tweets at Katherine Webb during the BCS championship game. Later he and Webb's boyfriend, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, became embroiled in a lengthy Twitter feud.

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In the past we've seen dogs hit the treadmill, ride bikes and even shadowbox.

And now, an English Bulldog has taken the trend of "dogs performing activities normally meant for humans" to a whole new level.

The pooch in the video below hops on a power wheels car, the type normally meant for young children, and takes it for a ride. It doesn't appear like the dog knows what he's doing, but he sure seems to enjoy the ride while he makes the car his personal chew toy.

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Next up for this guy? He should try getting behind the wheel of an actual car.

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