Taylor Lewan is one of the more ... intriguing members of the Michigan offensive line. He has a mustache tattooed on his finger, sometimes rides on tandem bikes and deferred potential millions to return for his senior season.

On Tuesday he added to his lore with an apparent purchase of a pig named Dr. Hamlet III. There are few details about the pig's origin or where it will live on campus, but we're keeping on an on Lewan for updates.

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We've seen one intrepid and determined cat work his way into the freezer to snag some fish sticks. But as impressive as that is, it's just one door.

A cat in Macedonia named Leon has figured out how to open five different doors and slip outside his house. Now that's something.

Taking advantage of some stellar hops, Leon starts in the bedroom, makes his way into the hallway and down the stairs. Finally, Leon cracks open the door to the outside world.

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Cats, Pets

You never know what you'll see at a "bring your dog to the ballpark" day.

At the Atlanta Braves' "Bark at the Park" event on Sunday, there were a plethora of interesting (and interesting-looking) pooches, including one which bore a striking resemblance to Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija.

But perhaps the most creative canine was this one:

That's right, a dog dressed as a hot dog eating a hot dog. It doesn't get much better than that.

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A couple got much, much more than it paid for during a routine dive trip to Mexico.

Laura and Rich Howard were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary with a scuba dive when their instructor abruptly ended the dive.

As it turns out, a pod of killer whales was approaching the boat. The couple and the rest of the divers sped away in the boat, but the whales followed, playing in the wake.

Luckily, Laura Howard took some incredible video of the scene. As you can see below, the huge animals come within one foot of the boat.

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