The only thing more entertaining than the Oklahoma City Thunder's offense in its Game 1 victory over the Houston Rockets was the team's halftime entertainment.

At the midway point of Sunday's game, the Olate Dogs took center stage at the Chesapeake Energy Arena and proceeded to steal the show. The group, which won the variety competition "America's Got Talent 2012," wowed the crowd with a variety of awesome tricks. The dogs rode scooters, performed multiple backflips and much, much more.

Below are the highlights from the performance, with commentary by the panelists on ESPN's "Around the Horn."

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The show earned rave reviews from at least one NBA player:

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Strange things happen when animals interact with other species.

Sometimes the animals are fascinated by each other. Sometimes they become best friends.

A recent meeting between a gorilla and a goose at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita probably will not result in a heartwarming friendship. It was, however, quite funny.

In the video, which has garnered nearly half a million views in a matter of days, a goose has descended upon the gorillas' enclosure. Neither animal is quite sure what to make of the other, and the confrontation ends quite humorously (for the goose, at least).

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The man behind some of the cutest and most creative animal videos on the Internet is back with another clip, and it lives up to his lofty standards

You may know Andrew Grantham's work, or perhaps you'll recognize his voice. He made the "Ultimate Dog Tease" video that has garnered more than 130 million views since 2011. Grantham has an amazing knack for putting words in pets' mouths.

Recently Grantham released another video, and sure enough, it has gone viral. This one is of a dog, Clyde, who is excited to hear that his owner brought him a new kitten.

And if you needed any more motivation to watch, this video was created for a good cause -- to support the Pets Add Life campaign.

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Who says dogs and cats can't coexist?

A dog in Tennessee named Chloe is quietly and lovingly dispelling any rumors about bad blood between the species as she cares for a litter of kittens.

Chloe cared for her own puppies in August, and when the family feline, Momma Cat, recently gave birth to a litter, Chloe assumed the role of backup mother.

Amazingly, the arrangement has worked out splendidly.

"I saw one nursing and I thought oh, it's not going to get any milk. It needs to nurse on mommy," Rebecca Thomas, who owns Chloe and Momma Cat, told WBIR. "I pulled it away and saw milk and realized the kitten's fine, it's getting milk."

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Here's how we know video games have gotten a little too realistic.

YouTube user "jillian stover" recently posted this video of her German Shepherd, Millie, watching a baseball video game on television. Millie sees the virtual pitcher wind up and throw the ball, and thinking it's real, the dog attacks the television.

Luckily, this woman's boyfriend comes to the rescue just in time to save the television.

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If this was Millie's reaction to a video game, we can't imagine what she's thinking when she watches a real baseball game.

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As if the Chicago Cubs needed any more motivation to end their century-long World Series drought, the franchise got some in the form of goat's head delivered to Wrigley Field on Wednesday.

The Chicago Tribune reported that a package containing an animal's head was dropped off at Wrigley Field and addressed to Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts. Police quickly removed the package and are investigating the incident.

The prank is likely a reference to the fabled Curse of the Billy Goat. In 1945, the last time the Cubs appeared in the World Series, bar owner Billy Sianis was asked to leave Wrigley Field because the odor of his goat was disturbing other fans. As the story goes, Sianis was so outraged that he put a curse on the team, saying it would never win a World Series at Wrigley Field.

Over the years repeated attempts have been made to break the curse, including several others involving dead goats.

But, alas, the Cubs have still not won the pennant since 1945.

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Such a simple idea, such brilliant execution.

A new Tumblr called "Sport Balls Replaced with Cats," in which, well, balls are removed from images and replaced with cats, has gone viral.

These images of professional athletes cradling adorable cats are the perfect combination of ridiculous and cute.

For more photos, see here.

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We've seen how talented the Oregon Zoo otters can become.

But just like humans must learn to crawl before they can walk, these otters must learn to swim before they can dunk.

And apparently, the process of teaching a baby otter to swim is absolutely adorable.

In a new video released by the Oregon Zoo, a baby otter named Molalla gets a swimming lesson. You see, otters don't know how to swim when they're born, so they have to be taught by their parents. In this compilation, you can see Molalla's mother, Tilly, dragging the youngster into the water and quite literally teaching it how to swim.

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Even by minor league promotional standards, a new move by the Double-A Reading Fightin' Phils is pretty unique.

The team added an ostrich to its logo this offseason, and executives figured there's no better way to promote the new logo than to have a couple of live birds at all home games. So in partnership with a local agriculture community, the organization will keep two female ostriches in the raised outfield pasture behind centerfield at America's Classic Ballpark.

Before and after the game the birds will be on display in front of the stadium, welcoming fans to the game.

"We were thinking outside the box, the idea came up," said Scott Hunsicker, the club's general manager. "Then we thought, 'Are we sure we want to do this?'"

As it turns out, ostriches are farm animals, so they can be housed at a stadium. And according to Hunsicker, the ostriches could even benefit from their summer at the ballpark.

"They very well may have had their lives extended spending their summer at FirstEnergy Stadium rather than being harvested for all the good things they provide," Hunsicker said.

The hope with the animals is to engage children in the team and encourage more families to venture out to the ballpark.

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