We're guessing this isn't the dog's first encounter with a skunk. Why else would the owner just decide to shoot video instead of restraining the dog from an unpleasant attack?

But there is something to be said for letting nature runs its course, which gives us magical moments like this:

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Equestrianism is an sport enjoyed by few in America, and it gets terrible ratings when televised. If this video is any indication, we need to be more like the Russians.

That is to say, the way they ride horses is amazing. A group of russian horsemen from the Kremlin Equestrian Riding School, Presidential Regiment and Guard of Honor all showed off a few stunning tricks in preparation for a showcase at the 2012 Queen's Jubilee at Windsor Castle.

ITN News reports that the riders have mastered extreme riding. For example, they're able to casually stand upright on the back of a moving horse, go under a thoroughbred's stomach, 360 style, while the animals gallop. They've even learned how to run alongside a horse and jump on the saddle.

The Voice of Russia reports these impressive moves were used in bygone years to scare the heck out of the enemy during battle.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee will celebrate 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II's reign atop the British Monarchy this June.

More than 1,000 horsemen from 17 countries around the world have been invited to take part in the gala event.

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There are just so many questions that this video inspires. Who keeps a lamb in their living room? Does this lamb think it's a reindeer trying to crack Santa's lineup? Is it housebroken? But ultimately whatever the answers might be, we're guessing they will be less compelling than what you'll see in this clip:

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Jumping, Lamb

It's about time someone had a reason to use the acronym, "OMGJWIB." In other words, "Oh my God, just walked into bear."

That's what happened to Vaz Terdandenyan in La Crescenta, Calif., on Tuesday morning. After hearing the unusual sound of a helicopter flying above his neighborhood, Terdandenyan decided to take a stroll to find out what all the fuss was about. As he turned a corner, he thought he should text his boss to let him know he might be a few minutes late to work. Mid-text, he came face to face with the reason for all the commotion: a black bear taking a casual stroll.

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We've always said that we would own a duck if only it played fetch. There's nothing more irritating than a dog that doesn't play fetch to us, so the clear obstacle in making room for a Mallard is the ability to retrieve.

But now it seems we have no excuse. This video popped up this week and is currently getting more and more popular on the web, and despite the poor quality of the visual, it's undeniable: the bird is highly motivated to return objects cast away.

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This dog has everything needed to be an Olympic gymnastics champion. Strength, endurance and, perhaps most importantly, unbridled enthusiasm.

You also have to be impressed with the dismount, which can often ruin a terrific performance if botched, as well as the admirable safety-first approach by having a spotter for the start of the routine.

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We are trying to figure what's more impressive about Oscar the cat in this video.

Is it his super intense game face, staring into the camera like boxers going nose to nose during the pre-fight instructions?

Or is it his insane vertical and commando-style skills in opening the freezer?

In either case, the cat's owners say they have a safety lock on the freezer to keep Oscar from helping himself to fish sticks. (That's the only part of the story we're skeptical about. We would've figured he was making the moves on the ice cream.)

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