Donny the Dog might be responsible for making Saturday's most interesting moment in basketball take place not at a NCAA tournament regional site, but in Israel.

Who is Donny the Dog, you might be wondering? He's arguably the best sports mascot in the world. His team? Israel's Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball. His claim to fame? A wholehearted commitment to his craft that left the announcers and fans of Saturday’s game against Bnei Hasharon in an uproar.

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A maverick cat darting across a basketball court in the middle of the game is already the stuff of viral video gold. But when the mascot doesn't skip a beat adding to the entertainment, you have to wonder which matchup Israeli fans will be talking about in a few weeks -- the teams, or Donny versus Cat.

We can only hope the Final Four on our side of the world is half as fun.

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The old journalism rule that says it's only news if man bites dog and not vice versa might need a new disclaimer to cover situations such as when a member of the K-9 unit sinks his fangs into a soccer player during a match.

While players from the Caxias club in Brazil confronted the officiating crew to complain about a call, riot police moved on to the field. Look for Caxias striker Vanderlei, wearing No. 9 on the left side of the scrum, to react as a German Shepherd snaps at his upper leg:

The match, which Caxias lost 1-0 to Novo Hamburgo in a tournament for the state championship, was delayed nearly 10 minutes while Vanderlei received medical treatment for the dog bite. The dog is named Nitro, according to the Associated Press report.

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Dog, Soccer

Too bad the NFL combine has already ended because this cat featured over at "top tumbles" could've humbled some of those soon-to-be millionaires. But maybe our high-flying feline can crash the U.S. Olympic track and field trials in June.

The only thing missing from this was Dandy Don Meredith providing the soundtrack.

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Amazing enough to learn that a cat survived a fall from 19 stories. Even more incredible that it sustained no broken bones or serious injuries.

Then there's this expert theory on why falling from higher than nine stories actually gives a cat a better shot of surviving.

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What if your beloved pet could fill out an NCAA men's basketball championship bracket?

Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. attempted to answer that not-quite-burning question. The nation’s oldest and largest provider of pet health insurance analyzed its database of more than 485,000 insured pets to determine which NCAA team will win it all on on April 2 in New Orleans. The company made its selections based on which pet names matching team names (or mascots) were most popular.

Duke, St. Bonaventure, Memphis and California should combine to make up a surprising Final Four -- with Coach K's Duke Blue Devils cutting down the nets as the national champion.

The March Madness field includes four types of cats: Wildcats (Kentucky, K-State, Davidson), Bearcats (Cincinnati), Bobcats (Ohio) and Catamounts (Vermont).

Dog Days are definitely in play for tournament teams. Man's best friend is represented by four different breeds: Bulldogs (UNC-Asheville, Gonzaga), Huskies (Connecticut), Greyhounds (Loyola, MD) and Cavaliers (aka King Charles Spaniel rocked by Virginia).

Check out the overall rankings...

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Commitment and attachment to one's dog can reach admirable levels, but a moment this week in the Iditarod showed just how far one owner would go to keep his prized pup alive.

Scott Janssen (seen at right with his sled team at the start of the race) was forced to make a decision when his dog collapsed while they were making their way down the Dalzell Gorge in Alaska. Marshall, Janssen's 9-year-old husky, suddenly fell in a heap in the midst of pulling hard at Janssen's sled.

"Boom! Laid right down. It was like a guy my age having a heart attack," Janssen told the Anchorage Daily News. Janssen is an Anchorage funeral home owner, who has dubbed himself "The Mushing Mortician."

When he rushed to Marshall's side, the outlook wasn't good.

"I know what death looks like, and he was gone. Nobody home," Janssen, an Iditarod sophomore (he finished 42 out of 47 last year), said.

For a musher devoted to his dogs, it was a heart-wrenching moment at the worst possible time. The Iditarod is a grind, forged by the will of the musher and his dogs, and the bond they share.

"I was sobbing," he said. He began mouth-to-snout CPR -- compressing the husky's chest and doing his best to breathe life into him. "I really love that dog."

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There's been no shortage of pets with assortments of strange talents and tricks over the years, and we see even more of them as more home videos get uploaded to the Internet. But the ability to simultaneously channel two talents sets Runty apart from the rest of the crowd.

Runty harnesses his inner Lady Gaga (or Joey Harrington, if you're a stickler about this needing a sports hook), and while he wails while tickling the ivories, we find it hard to believe he was born this way.

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