Look, we know this isn't the traditional sports story you'll find on ThePostGame.com; but who doesn't love a gambling cat?

This feisty feline shows it's better than most of us humans when it comes to the sleight-of-hand involved in the timeless shell game.

Is this cat really gambling, or just getting lucky?

You decide!

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What would you do to save your pet's life?

A man in Minnesota man loved his dog so much that he spent 15 minutes giving the pet CPR after it fell victim to a hunter's trap. WCCO reports Loren Waalkens went the extra mile to save the life of his 6-year-old beagle, Frisbee.

"Through this whole process I'm thinking my dog is dead. She's dying and she’s going to die," Waalkens told the TV station.

On a rabbit-hunting trip last fall, the dog got caught in a fur trap. Waalkens used GPS to keep track of Frisbee and his other beagle, Molly, then suddenly the signal for Frisbee went silent. The sportsman quickly went off to find his missing canine.

"The first thing was, 'My God she's in a trap.' As I went up to her she looked dead," said Waalkens.

Frisbee's neck was almost completely crushed from the trap; she wasn't breathing or moving when Waalkens used all his strength to release his pet from the device. He then began CPR on his injured beagle. Thanks to chest compressions and a full-body rub, the dog came back to life after about 15 minutes, according to WCCO.

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When a human runs onto the field, tempers flare. But when a cat trots onto a Premier League soccer pitch, it's bloody adorable!

Liverpool's game with Tottenham was stopped when a sneaky cat snuck onto the field about 10 minutes into a game. The game would end in a thrilling 0-0 draw, so the feline shenanigans served as the highlight of the night in the UK. The whiskered trickster was allowed to wander around before sitting down on the field. The Daily Mail reports the cat strolled toward the sidelines and was nabbed by guards so the game could continue.

Naturally, someone started a Twitter page in tribute to the cat, and the @AnfieldCat page quickly picked up more than 22,000 followers as of Tuesday morning. That's more followers than many Major League Soccer players have in the U.S.

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